Walden Consulting

Special Projects

This “Special Projects” page could just as easily be called the “Client’s Problem Page”! If you have a challenge or an issue that needs resolving and it corresponds to one of my areas of expertise, then please contact me to discuss without obligation. My approach is personal, friendly and flexible.

Elsewhere on this website, you will see that my principal fields are contract advice and dispute resolution for construction companies. There will be many other problems you may have which correspond to my own areas of expertise.

Training services

I have experience in setting up and implementing training for small groups on the implications of the Construction Act. If you have a requirement for training groups, seminars or one-to-one sessions in regard to legislation, procurement, contracts etc, please let me know. All courses will be specifically designed to match your requirements.

Other services

If you operate in the construction industry or education sector, I may be able to help and advise on various matters, such as: